Best budgeting and personal finance app of 2020

It’s Emma, a tiny David among many Goliaths in the field :)

Home screen


  • Automatic tracking of money-in/ money-out organized by categories, week, month, merchants, you name it
  • Financial goals (via budgets) tracking

Advantages vs. YNAB

  • It’s free (while YNAB is not)

Advantages vs. Mint

  • Adding accounts is much easier
  • Support Kraken and other crypto exchanges
  • Intuitive, fun and interactive UI. Check out this monthly spending report of mine
  • Feature-rich

Advantages vs. Monzo, Revolut etc.

  • You don’t have to stick to 1 bank, you can multiple, big and small, conventional and challenger banks, totally up to you

Advantages vs. Credit Karma

  • Credit Karma’s onboarding doesn’t even work, at least in Canada (verification with Trans Union)

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