Kratos and the human history

SIE Santa Monica Studio, please don’t sue me :D My imagination gone wild after watching a few God of War game play videos and suffering from sleeping disorder

Book 1

Earth is the gods (Zeus is leader)’ playground

They created simple living organism worm-like at first + provide a reasonable temperature, air and water and watch things play out

They change weather to shake things up, making things interesting e.g. ice age kills the dinosaurs

One day they made creatures similar to themeselves .e.g humans

Book 2

Spartans is a small warrior races

Kratos was born to them, the best of all the fighters, love fighting, conquering, killing

Kratos was one of the demi-god offsprings of Zeus

One day he got sick of killing and realised war is a just cruel game influenced by the gods primarily for their entertainment

He set out to kill all the gods to free all humans, especially Zeus

Book 3

Kratos studied the gods, from the bottom level to the top levels

There are a several pathways and portals gods use to travel to earth, difficult to find but Kratos found them

Kratos carefully kills one god at a time, from the weakest, obtain their weapons, kill the stronger one and so on

He defeated Hercules but spare him

Kratos got some surprise helps along the way from the titans

After obtaining Hercules’ gloves, he was strong enough to take on Zeus

He was too confident and made a huge mistake though, got sent to hell

Hercules rescued Kratos upon sympathising with his cause

Kratos killed Zeus

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