Minimal new macOS setup checklist for professionals

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My personal checklist but I hope to see it being useful for professionals, especially tech start-up workers


  1. Screen/ window split (mostly horizontal): BetterSnapTool or Magnet (macOS’s default is difficult to use)

2. Calendar view in menu bar:

3. Password manager: LastPass (been using it for years, never had a major problem) or 1Password (better than LastPass in all aspects)

4. Change screenshot location to for example Pictures/Screenshots/folder:

By defaults screenshots are saved to your Desktop/ folder. Who likes a messy desktop? Definitely not me

5. Add important folders to under Favourites on left sidebar of Finder

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Google Drive, your home folder? you name it

5.1. Open terminal: press both Cmd + Space and type “terminal” and press Return

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5.2. Type open and press Return to get to the root folder of everything on your Mac. Navigate to Users >> your name to find the Pictures folder for example

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5.3. Drag and drop the Pictures folder onto the left side bar of Finder, under Favourites

6. Remove the zillions of Apple’s apps in the dock. They are either unnecessary or inferior to other providers. iCloud? Apple Maps? haha

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Wellness/ Accessibility

  1. Auto Dark mode/ theme:

2. Blue light filter:

Any suggestions from you?

Let me know in comments please

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