Not representing the whole team but the top benefits for me are:

  1. It’s a language feature so we can leave a huge 3rd party library out (I love RxJava but such rule of thumb still stands)
  2. In conjunction with Android Architecture Component’s viewModelScope, we don’t need to do disposables.dispose() in onDestroy anymore
  3. Kinda relevant to 1, multi-platform opportunity

We historically made a decision to have our network layer un-opinionated (which I agreed)

interface SomeService {
fun getSth() : NetworkReponse<SuccessResponse, ErrorResponse>

So in our repository layer, we wrap the service calls with Single.fromCallable() which works great except for 1 downside: subscriptions still running when activity/ fragment already destroyed.

Now Kotlin Flow ensures the subscriptions are disposed nicely while we get to keep our network layer un-opinionated :)

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