Who the f*ck are Equifax?

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Imagine you went to meet your Tinder date and were informed on the spot that John or Mary or both were gonna join you presently. Replace Tinder date with your credit card application and and voila! Equifax and TransUnion are gonna enter your life and never leaves, forever ruining your relationships in a creepy way

Surprise surprise!

My first bank account in Canada was frozen out of the blue in June 2020. For more than 3 months, I had never been offered anything more than “one of the credit bureaus put a restriction on your files”.

Mistrust and verify

My credit started at below 650 which means Poor credit. Which means none of the following means anything:

  • Six-figure salary
  • No debt whatsoever
  • Maximum credit score of AA by Singapore Credit Bureau. I spent more to $150k through various credit cards in the last 5 years in Singapore. Never been late for any bill.

Why not give me a Fair credit score and the reward or penalize me for my behaviours?

Vicious cycle of rejection

I saw no reason why a financially responsible person and experienced credit card user should not apply for a credit card so I did.

Instant rejection.

After completing a self-taught crash course on the credit system in Canada, I realized I had to deal with the third-wheel called Equifax (or TransUnion or both I’m confused) for reasons I know not.

Thankfully, there is a functional self-help web application on transunion.ca. I found my address and employment information to be outdated so filed a dispute to correct those details (why don’t my banks or my service providers do so?).

I went and applied for a credit card again.

Again, instant rejection.

“Oh, you have to wait 3 months to stand a chance” _ a bank teller

So no matter how financially sound a person has been and is improving, he or she can be stuck in an apply and get rejected forever if they gets rejected the first time and keep trying every month or two!!!

Last century technology


  • Download report — mail only
  • Dispute — online but obscure and barely functional and you still need to call and talk to them!


Equifax was hacked in 2017 and hundred of millions of customer was affected

Here’s what John Oliver has to say about Equifax


I believe the motivation here is good. They exist to prevent debts and defaulting. But then why do my personal debt is 0 and the US and Canada have the highest credit card debts in the world???

How can it be? Equifax seem to be working so hard given how hard it has been for me to apply for a credit card in Canada.

Some people are saying that Equifax and the likes want to trap people in debts and profit off those debts instead of helping their customers. But they are just crazy skeptics right? I shouldn’t believe them right?


In my last therapy session, I was asked “Are you sexually active”. I said:

Absolutely, I get f*cked constantly by Equifax despite only wanting to be f*cked by the banks.

After 8 months in Canada, I still a beggar waiting for that one lucky day when the all-mighty credit bureaus and their bank pals pity me enough to grant me the privilege of being their customers (for their credit card products).

Needs more reason why credit bureaus suck and need to be disrupted?


My credit score chart

Pulled from Equifax by Borrowell

My on-time payment track record for my bills

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