1. Yes but it’s often not enough even if we are only talking one developer focusing on 1 feature.

Your presenter probably depends on a class ABC which depends on class DEF of @ActivtyScope and/ or class GHI of @UserLoggedInScope and sometimes it’s just some intermediate classes + AppScope/ @Singleton classes. You cannot write or change or Presenter without knowing those details.

In a proper Dagger 2 setup, those classes are either in (bottom-up) the Fragement/ Activity Module, @UserLoggedInScope module or AppScope/ @Singleton modules.

2. Yes, but there are dozens if not hundred of classes showing up and one will have to repeat the same steps a few times depending on how many level of scopes you have e.g. in my example, 3 times at least to get to how/ where a @Singleton dependency is created

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